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Alexandrias Vänner In Swedish

Alexandria was during the Hellenistic era the largest city in the world, a true metropolis and world city. She was a key to the riches of Africa and the Orient and a cultural melting pot. The Pharos was one of the seven wonders. 
Today, Alexandria is a beautiful and bustling major city.

Friends of Alexandria in Sweden
Friends of Alexandria in Sweden, a non-profit and non-political association, was founded in 1995. Its mission is to promote relations between Sweden and Egypt. This is done by

  •      transfer of recent information about Egypt 
  •      encourage exchange of science, literature and art, and persons pursuing such academic activities 
  •      support exchange of artists between Egypt and Sweden 
  •      arrange seminars, lectures, meetings and exhibitions 
  •      support exchange of knowledge and know-how in environmental research 
  •      stimulate ecological tourism in Egypt 
  •      support projects specific for the Alexandria region, in particular Bibliotheca Alexandrina 

 UNESCO recognises the association as an official friends association of the new library in Alexandria.

The library in Alexandria
During the Hellenistic era the library in Alexandria was the largest library in the world. At this very moment, a new Bibliotheca Alexandria is being constructed in Alexandria. The official home page of the project is here. The library is designed by the Norwegian architectural firm Snöhetta.

The Swedish Institute in Alexandria
Another mission is to support the Swedish Institute in  Alexandria, which is under development and eventually will become a Swedish cultural and commercial centre in this region.

Become a member
Please contact the board of the association! Or just enter the page with information about how to become a  member! The bye-laws, in English, are here.

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